Guru (Tamil)

Senthil^2, Pravs and me went to Mappillai Vinayagar theatre to see Guru on the first day of its release. After many days, I have seen a good film. Guru, a story of a businessman in Manirathnam’s style. Before going to movie, we had a small dinner at GRT regency. So me and Sen decided to sleep, if the film is not good. But the movie is entirely different, have some fantastic dialogues and gives the businessman’s perspectives. The movie is little bit interesting and A.R.R’s  background music adds power to story. Songs are not good in Tamil. Anyway will comment about songs after hearing it some more times. Wil be superb hit in Hindi and wil give break to Abishek. Messgae of the film is “Dream… Dream… Dream”.

Alagar Kovil

A quick plan after our successful hill climbing was ‘Alagar Kovil’. Though I was busy, I accepted their request. Punctuality is very important for me. I was in Periyar Bus Stand, our meeting place at 8:30. Vanni also came early and gave company for me. Others were late. This time some newbies are joined in our list. They are Sugumar, Seenivasan and Shanoof. We reached ‘Alagar Kovil’ nearly at 11. After visiting Temple, we started our journey to ‘Alagar Malai’. I couldnt control these guys, they jumped here and there after seeing their friends there. Also they took photos continously and covered almost all good places in ‘Alagar Kovil Road’. During our visit to hill, we didnt take a group photo of all participants. But here, we asked one little guy to take our group photo. At that time one Uncle scold us for shouting while taking that group photo. Then all ate upto throat in a hotel in Goripalayam. We went ‘ECO Park’ and spent some time there. Finally it became a superb oneday played by us.

Thirupparankundram Hill!!!

Its a quick and simple program written by Praveen, but executed correctly by Me, Sen, Vanni, Sri and Musi. Already my slippers had some problem and not well, so it refused to climb the hill with me. I forced it to come with me. Hmmm, It died when I finished only few steps 😦 I put that dead body into my bag and started running faster than other guys. After that we reached many places and smart hills and took some good snaps in Vanni’s N73 Mobile. We had a look below the hill, hmmm Madurai is beautiful pa 🙂 (little bit dangerous also!!!). Thank God that lazy and crazy Musi escaped from a disaster but his Jeans had an eye (kilinjirichu). Atlast We finished our little trip and went to Vanni’s home to drop Pravs, a brave guy among us. U can view the photos by visiting