In Queen of Arabian Sea

We have planned to go to Cochin for the final year Industrial Visit. This year Vanni was played by all like a football, ya he only arranged this year IV. Last Tuesday night we started from madurai and reached Cochin at wednesday’s morning. Wow, how beautiful their architectures! Big buildings, Churches, Bridges over water and etc welcomes us… Everywhere you can see green trees and blue water and etc… Cochin is so colorful pa. We had a nice dinner in Hotel Aaryas. We stayed at Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Statium. I searched for my room many times, because I couldnt differentiate the way to my room. I proved that I was the King of cards in Queen of Arabian Sea… Cochin, really the ‘Queen’ of Arabian Sea.

Thigil Manithan

On republic day, we went to ‘Thigil Manithan’ running in Solamalai as a treat for Sara’s birthday. Expect a thriller inside, but the film was totally different. The film starts at 7pm and interval at 7:45. At the time of interval, we discussed whether we have to sit after the interval inside the theatre or not. After the interval, the film run for 15 mins. Totally the movie is waste… waste… I think, it is a very old movie and released after 20 years, may be a second release. The worst movie I have seen so far is this movie. It taught a lesson for us. Pokkiri is better than this movie 😦 We includes me, dhivakar, sara, vishnu, dhamu and karthi^2. I thought not to increase the posts in Tamil Movies, but to save some people’s money wrote this post. Dont go to this movie…