Yesterday frontline aerobatic team of Indian Air Force gave an unforgettable air show to Madurai people at Viraganur. We planned to go to see it only yesterday afternoon and started from college at 4 pm. On the way I missed my friends. They reached Viraganur, but I couldnt because of heavy traffic jam. So I watched the air show from Teppakulam. Hmmm, nearly all people in Madurai came to see this show with their children. Wow, what a fantastic performance! six air crafts of Suryakiran flew here and there and drew paintings in the air about 20 minutes. First painting of the team was Indian flag and the painting which got more applauds was Heart. Heard many funny stories from the people who were all standing near to me. Had fun and enjoyed a lot.

#diff today mar’ 09

I wrote title as “diff today mar’ 09”, because in this post am going to write what are all happened from Mar’ 09 (Prev post in wordpress) to today. Only because of continuous exams, didnt write even a single post from Mar’ 09 😦 Hmmm… Now all the exams are over and only the project viva is pending. Between Mar’ 09 to today: I got an offer from SpikeSource, had a nice experience in SpikeSource, Bangalore during interview. Learnt lot from the interviewers. They are so nice and friendly. And Next now Madurai is free from beggers – A wonderful action taken by Madurai Police Department, Indian cricket team players are watching WorldCup’07 with Indian Cricket Fans from India, Bangladesh beat SouthAfrica, Srilanka enters into Final, a small treat in Ramji’s home with friends and etc. And atlast, college life comes to end, all are ready to fly in different directions…