Purple Place

“Purple Place”, this is what I found new in Windows Vista. Ya, somedays before I saw the Windows Vista Starter Pack (Evaluation Copy). The change I noticed is, it is more colorful than XP and one new game “Purple Place”. Surely Kids will love this stuff. It looks like painting the same old house with a new color, for me.


Exams over for 7th sem …

This 7th semester exams started with some bad openings and ended with a superb innings. In both labs, got output verified. Just before 10 hours, I installed Tomcat in my system for JSP and worked in it. But got simple Javascript experiments in exam. In software engineering lab also got output very early. First four exams were bad na, and next four including lab ok. Hmm … Then only 9 days are holidays. Anyway all for the best. Lets start the countdown for next and last sem.

GodFather – Diwali Winner

Four exams were over and still two more for me. In between my busy schedule for exams I post this to relax myself (Chumma thamasu). Yesterday after my exam was over, I went to “Varalaaru” or “GodFather” with my friends Sens, Musi, Ramji and Prabhu. Whenever I go with Senthil to a movie, I would miss something. This time I missed the bus, so my introduction into the theatre was after Ajith’s intro and first two songs. I entered into the theatre while the third song was playing. The movie looks like me a Dharani’s film, a very fast action movie. U can see a different Ajith in this film. Nobody can act like him. Though I already knew the story, the movie was very much interesting to me because of Ajith’s powerful acting, K.S.Ravikumar’s running screenplay and ARR’s breaking music. The story was already published in many magazines, so no need to write about that. Ajith’s ‘Sivasankaran’ character is a different one to Tamil Cinema and his walking style is super pa. Among Diwali releases, GodFather is the winner. Surely this film will cross 100 days. Hmm… should see this film again…