In Madurai, GLUGOT and GLUG-Madurai jointly celebrated the Software Freedom Day on last saturday. Students from various colleges and schools in and around Madurai participated in this Tech-Festival. Chief Guest for this year FStival was Mr.Kenneth Gonsalves,Associate, NRC-FOSS @ AU-KBC, Chennai. Chief Guest delivered a speech on the topic “How FLOSS makes you a great programmer”. After the tea break, the step by step Debian GNU/Linux installation was demonstrated. Then Amalan JoeSteeve, Founder of GLUGOT gave a short and smalltalk about FStival and handled the questions asked the audience. Audience’s hearts were stolen by Ubuntu DapperDrake’s 3D desktop demo. Many people thought GNU/Linux has CUI only. After seeing the attractive GUIs in our boxes they might said Bye to other proprietry operating systems.

People were amazed to see the abundant free softwares in our boxes. Members of GLUGOT and GLUG-Madurai explained about the following free and opensource softwares: XGL, Emacs, Latex, Openoffice, GCC, CMS, LAMP, GIMP, Blender, Edubuntu, Scilab, XMMS and etc. Ashok explained the Free Software philosophy and Vinoth talked about GNU/Linux in industries and the opportunity in
industries for FLOSS users. Various distributions of GNU/Linux were burnt and given to people. The stalls were opened untill 5 PM. Second and third years did their job well. Press people from popular newspapers covered this day and published this news in their newspapers. Thanks to people who made this FStival a grand success. Special thanks to Joe, Arun Ponniah, Senthil and Ranjani for spending their precious time with us.

I hope this day set free software fire in people’s minds and hearts.


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